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Conjunto Papa Upa - El Jalabolismo

by Music With Soul

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Artist: Conjunto Papa Upa
Title: El Jalabolismo
Format: 7"
Speed: 45 RPM

Conjunto Papa Upa made it clear with their 2013 debut single on Music With Soul - they would be the torchbearers of the modern day musical explorations of Venezuelan polyrhythmic grooves. An oft-forgotten neighbor in the now heavily publicized and compiled sounds of Colombia, Peru & Brazil - Venezuela has historically featured a rich & diverse melting pot of sounds that share influences from the Atlantic, Pacific & the US. Perhaps it is in that unique blend of sounds, along with its combination of instrumentation & amplification that makes it equally hard to describe as it is beautiful. Fortunately, band leader Alex Figueira, no stranger to the cavernous depths of 1970’s tropical music on wax, has continued in the buried traditions of his native Venezuela with Conjunto Papa Upa. 

**We have copies of the exclusive Special Edition Neon Vinyl version with Printed Covers (100 Printed Total) - - as well as the standard black vinyl version in white sleeves.

A1 : El Jalabolismo
B1 : Aprietalo