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Cosmic Analog Ensemble - Les Sourdes Oreilles LP

by My Bags

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Artist: Cosmic Analog Ensemble
Title: Les Sourdes Oreilles
Format: LP
Speed: 33 RPM

Exquisite one-man band ensemble by Charif Magarbane, a Lebanese multi-instrumentalist currently living and recording out of Kenya. This is the twisted and surreal soundtrack of your dreams...a pickled acid-wash of Morricone & Schifrin that bypassed the 80's & 90's. Superb work and overall arrangement. A needed refresher in the art of the long-player in today's streaming climate. Pressed to red vinyl and packaged with foldout poster of Jerk 45's album art. Edition of 300. Import.

A1: Pourparlers
A2 : Les Sourdes Oreilles
A3 : Camille 3000
A4 : Point De Bascule
A5 : Petite Fleur Industrielle
A6 : Al Mashtari
A7 : Après Vous

B1 : Demi Lune
B2 : Sol Sur Sol
B3 : Résilience
B4 : A La Dérive
B5 : En Faction feat. Medline
B6 : Le Dernier Mot